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Charity & Sustainability

Balancing these two key values will enable us to make a significant impact over the long-term.

Total Charity Donations$3,075,000

How we began

ELONGATE was coined by a meme - a viral tweet from our favorite billionaire embedded within both the world of cryptocurrency and the world of charity.

Fueled by internet culture and looking towards a higher purpose, a movement began to open the gate between the two worlds.

* ELONGATE has no affiliation with Elon Musk

Several years ago, the conversation within the crypto community was a picture of idealism and hope for a brighter, more equitable future. The artisan in a third-world country able to be paid what her work is worth. The young family storing their wealth in a system free from the legacy of Wall Street cronyism. The programmer creating a revolutionary dApp on the blockchain.

With mainstream attention and barriers to access dissolved in recent years, crypto culture has become a swirling vortex of hype, high-risk schemes, and predatory behavior. One of the few remaining digital wild wests, the altcoin space is buoyed by humor, excitement, and speculative assets.

Today, ELONGATE harnesses the enthusiasm and emotion of the crypto space and brings it back to the altruistic core. By marrying the personal incentive with the charitable act, ELONGATE elevates the crypto community and makes philanthropy and humanitarian perspective once again part of the crypto narrative.

This is capital that would have never seen its way to a charitable organization, and now unites the community into something for the greater good. Embracing its roots in memes and internet culture, ELONGATE aims to ease the suffering of millions.

This begins by participating in fruitful discussions with charitable organizations, educating them about the cryptocurrency space, and opening the gate for real-world charitable endeavors to embrace the blockchain.

Through passive transaction fees and active giving, ELONGATE exposes charitable causes to a world of untapped capital, and the crypto audience to a world of good.

Our Core Values

  • Charity

    We can make a real impact for the greater good, not just ourselves. By donating to charity, we remind ourselves of our duty to make this world a better place for everyone.

  • Community

    Founded by the community and for the community, we take pride in our collective mission. We support each other and other communities, and we have fun doing it.

  • Clarity

    We share transparent information with each other and the community. We are organized, cohesive, and all push in the same direction.

  • Sustainability

    The future is coming, and we’re ready for it. We make every decision with consideration for its ripple effects, and we are committed to a long-term vision.

Charity Burn Parties

Every week ELONGATE celebrates the Charity Party, spotlighting a worthy cause. Joined by guests and speakers from across the charity world, we donate to high-impact organizations, and burn tokens to celebrate.

Community Powered

With transparent accounting and community support, ELONGATE delivers on every promise. Funds from the Charity Parties are moved into the four wallets below as outlined in our tokenomics. ELONGATE invites the community to make additional contributions to areas they would like to further support.

Total Charity Donations


  • Our contributions include

LP Token Lock Information

Note: If you wish to view the LP Token Locker, then your wallet must be connected to DxSale or Unicrypt otherwise the details won’t show

Unicrypt - 70% Liquidity Locked in PancakeSwap V2

DxSale - 80% Liquidity Locked in PancakeSwap V1

Meet our Leadership Team

  • Lorenzo Andree

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Lorenzo Andree

    Chief Executive Officer

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  • Hasan Aziz

    Chief Technology Officer

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  • Alexander Gambon

    Chief Storytelling Officer

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A Token With A Purpose

Our aim is to ease the suffering of millions through charitable contributions.

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